i do my best everytime...only to be disappointed each time>>>this tumblr was created in order to write down the feelings that i haven't had the guts to say n those which could only be explained clearly through thorough thinking n expressed through the RIGHT words,not just some spontanenous words which i might have said when i see u face-to-face n it does not impact u the way i wanted it to...

this tumblr was created for the memories of the most beautiful girl i've ever known,n i've been telling her that ever since the day we met. THIS IS honest words and feelings,from the mind of a male scorpio,21.


Anonymous asked
I'm a girl, and I know how you feel about the impregnation thing. Its not necessarily the thought of getting pregnant that turns me on (although if it happened I wouldn't be sad about it) but alot of it - for me - is the way it feels when you have a man who you adore inside you, no barriers, and that as they come to the end and they finish you can feel them deep inside you. The way they spasm in you as they fill you the way theyre SUPPOSED to. I love them holding me close as they calm down.



Preach, girl. My thoughts exactly.

I totally second that.